Features & Benefits

Black Forest Pic

Our hometown Baden-Baden is a place of beauty, purity and energy. In the heart of the Black Forest, surrounded by fragrant nature, lies the Friedrich source of our famous thermal spring water. On its long journey passing through the layers of rock and limestone, the water picks up valuable minerals and trace elements. This transforms the water into a good friend that will always protect, fight for and take care of your skin.

Sodium – Regulates water balance
Potassium – Optimizes water distribution

Calcium – Invigorates skin cells
Silicon – Enhances elasticity & firmness

Baden-Baden Thermal Spray
Magnesium – Strengthens cell membranes
Manganese – Reinforces the protective barrier

Iron – Stimulates oxygen exchange
Fluoride – Maximizes mineral absorption

Source of Beauty

Not all water is created equal. Sans Soucis has exclusive right to use this mineral-rich thermal spring water from Baden-Baden. With all the healing and regenerative properties, it should come as no surprise that this special water is the basis of all of our products. It restores the skin’s vitality and supplies it with a unique feeling of well-being.

Noble Ingredients

Sans Soucis guarantees the highest level of quality, effectiveness and transparency with the loving composition of topnotch ingredients. Therefore, we deliberately refrain from using parabens, micro plastics or animal byproducts. We focus on naturalness and we create products that are on average 90% of natural origin.

Made in Germany

Every product is manufactured in-house at our headquarters in Baden-Baden where we place an emphasis on product safety, skin compatibility and efficacy. We oversee the entire production process ensuring all stringent requirements are met or even surpassed. You can rest assured knowing that you are getting only the finest products from us.

Made in Germany